Experience More in the EON Icube.

The EON Icube™ is a revolutionary PC based multi-sided immersive environment in which participants become completely surrounded by virtual images and sound. As our most popular immersive VR solution, the EON Icube can be configured with 4 to 6 walls and represents a significant, innovative milestone in high-end visualization systems development. Unlike older UNIX-based systems, the EON Icube is easy to use even for non-programmers, provides an unsurpassed speed of immersive content creation and deployment, utilizes new light-enhancing rigid wall material, and has built- in collaborative capabilities.

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The EON Icube is the Ultimate Immersive 3D Experience.

Key Features

  • An easy-to-use interface allows users to input screen dimensions, tracking system positions, and stereo-parameters for real-time view-port calculation within minutes.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of Virtual Reality peripherals, including data-gloves, Xbox controllers, motion tracking systems, joysticks, and more.
  • GUI-based web publisher that makes it easy to embed EON applications with rich communication to web pages.
  • Access to an extensive library of more than 100 ready-to-use applications from over ten major categories, including A/E/C, Design, Industrial, Medical, and more.
  • Expands the scope and functionality of a desktop or web-based EON application through true application scalability.
  • Alignment of viewing frustum between view-ports for perpendicular screens depending on tracked viewing position.
  • Develop cost effective single or multi-channel applications with EON Icube Software, a proprietary EON technology that  allows you to add complex interactions to EON applications.

Already have an immersive solution? Learn more about our advanced EON Icube Software.

EON Icube Software

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The EON Icube software is an extension of EON Professional and includes features for interfacing with advanced display and integrated Virtual Reality systems. With Multi-wall Cluster Visualization, simulation can be viewed on several monitors simultaneously, each one displaying a different viewpoint of the scene by using a cluster of fully synchronized PCs linked together in a local area network. The software supports edge blending and provides the capability to create full Quad-buffer Stereo images. The EON Icube software also integrates seamlessly with all EON tools such as EON CAD for easy conversion of data and models from one publishing option to another as the same core data is used whether viewing in the EON Icube or on the Internet.

The EON Icube software functionality includes:

  • Alignment of viewing frustum between view ports for perpendicular screens depending on tracked viewing position.
  • Support for all major types of tracking systems; such as optical, magnetic, ultrasonic and inertia based.
  • Support for Wand interaction devices
  • Easy to use GUI to input screen dimensions, tracking system position and stereo-parameters for real-time view port calculations.
  • Easy-to-use interface that allows to open up any existing EON application using templates showing a fully immersive application.
  • Allows for true scalability from web deployment to highest level of immersive device.
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