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EON Mobile Dolphin Delights Download

EON Mobile: Dolphin Delights

About: Experience the wonder of a virtual aquarium full of dolphins.

Directions: Download the app on your Android mobile/tablet device from Google Play. To interact with the dolphins select one of the four dolphins from the menu or tap one of the dolphins on the screen. You can also change the scene by tapping the button on the far right.

EON GTE Engine Download

EON Mobile: Engine Explorer

About: EON Reality, in partnership with the Temasek Polytechnic institute of Technology of Singapore, presents this virtual aerospace training module aimed specifically for the training of students on the air inlet section of a gas turbine engine.

Directions: Download the app on your Android mobile/tablet device from Google Play. Follow the instructions on screen to use the application. This is the first virtual module on mobile devices of a series of educational Aerospace lessons developed by EON Reality and designed to promote higher student engagement through interaction, improve knowledge retention, and enhance overall learning experience.

EON SIDEKIQ Preview Download


About: The power of a fully immersive, interactive, 3D Virtual Reality football simulator soon be experienced with your smartphone. This is a sneak peak at what is to come with EON Sports SIDEKIQ Viewer.

Directions: Download the app on your Android mobile/tablet device from Google Play.

EON AR Engine Download

EON AR: Engine

About: Our popular demo lets you view and interact with this engine in interactive 3D.

Directions: Download the app on your Android or iOS mobile/tablet device, place your camera over the image, and start exploring!


EON Raptor thumbnail 2

EON Raptor

EON Raptor™ is a free Autodesk 3ds Max plug-in for EON Studio and EON Professional that lets you display and interact with 3ds Max content in real-time with intuitive controls. View large 3D models and rapidly create interactive 3D content for the Internet and standalone applications. Interactions can also be created and used to trigger key frame animations.

Download 32-bit         Download 64-bit

EON Viewer thumbnail

EON Viewer

EON Viewer™ is a free, standalone content viewer that reads .eoz or .edz files exported from EON Raptor. This plug-in runs on the Windows platform and includes all necessary run-time files to run and view EON applications. EON Viewer is included with our software installations, but can also be installed separately as well.

Download 32-bit         Download 64-bit