Virtual Reality and Interactive 3D solutions for education have been shown to increase students attention levels by 92% and increase test scores by 35% – while at the same time creating a new level of engagement for students and staff.

EON Reality’s Virtual 3D Learning solutions are transforming education by bringing interactive 3D technologies to classrooms of all levels. Our customers include Carnegie Mellon University (US), Imperial College (UK), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and hundreds of academic institutions worldwide.

Our Virtual 3D Learning Solution

Learning EON Creator inspired me to become a better educator. Whenever the kids were engaged with EON, it was hard to get them to leave the room when class ended.  I truly believe incorporating EON Creator and 3D into education will reach kids who are not invested in school. In addition, EON Creator helps students learn difficult material and understand complex curriculum.  I have loved watching the students be excited to learn.
Tracey Winey, Educator, Preston Middle School
Thanks to EON Reality, Design London now holds the best 3D real-time visualization solution for the complex design needs of our students. We are thrilled to have this technology and look forward to working with EON in the future to remain the leader in innovative design.
Nicholas Leon, Director, Design London
KCTCS is dedicated to providing our students with an education tailored to meet the demands of the technologically driven, knowledge-based new economy…These innovations can provide real time instruction in a wide variety of formats to help shorten learning cycles and provide interactive, immersive learning experiences at all levels.
Jamie Justice, Director, Kentucky Community and Technical College System

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