At EON Reality we believe that knowledge is a human right. We also believe in the transformative power of experiential learning using virtual or augmented reality, or what we call knowledge transfer.

EON Experience AVR


Our premiere AR / VR learning platform. A personalized library for experiential education. Engages students across various subjects.



SIDEKIQ is a VR football simulator training application that allows coaches to create any play and put their players in it.

Magi Chapel VR


EON Reality captured the Magi Chapel in Virtual Reality to share its beauty with the world and preserve it for generations to come.

EON Engine Explorer


A series of applications for Temasek’s aerospace students designed to promote higher engagement through interaction.

LKDF Interact – Diesel Engine Operation

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This augmented reality application teaches the basics of diesel engine maintenance through a series of gamified AR lessons.

King Tut VR


See the awe inspiring hieroglyphics and Death Mask of Tutankhamun up close from the comfort of your own home.



Virtual Reality ophthalmic training simulator designed for educators to provide mastery learning through deliberate practice in the classroom.