What is Virtual Reality? EON Reality experts break it down

So, what is Virtual Reality?

Let’s define Virtual Reality, (often Shortened by Professionals and Users as VR”). “Virtual” and “Reality” are two concepts, when put together, appear to give a contradicting meaning. But don’t worry; you’ve found the right place to get a correct understanding of this new technology. The simple way to define VR, is a computer generated 3D environment in which a person can interact with an artificial world.


Global users experience Virtual Reality with the Samsung Gear VR, the Zeiss One, and other VR headsets.

According to recent market studies and common searches for an answer to the question, ‘What is VR‘, there is growing interest in using virtual reality devices and software in the fields of education, industry, travel, film, and others. We predict that Virtual Reality will become an essential piece to everyday life in the near future.

Most of the recent VR Technology hype coincided with the announcement of Facebook purchasing Oculus VR for around 2 billion dollars, allowing content developers, large or small, to create immersive and entertaining experiences.

There are several platforms and pieces of hardware that can be used to experience VR, but the largest growth has been in Mobile VR. With mobile VR, you can download to your mobile device or tablet, open the app, place it into a headset (or HMD), and suddenly you are part of an immersive virtual environment. Whether you’re swimming with dolphins, learning about the solar system, or training for your next big game, Virtual Reality transports you to new and unique experiences.

Examples of Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality changes how we see and interact with the world. Using VR, children, young adults, and professionals are able to learn ‘by doing’ similar to a flight simulator. As a result, VR based learning transfers knowledge more efficiently and improves knowledge retention compared to traditional teaching methods. See how education is changing through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Virtual Reality is Changing the Way We Educate.

Teams and athletes from the high school, college, and professional ranks are also implementing Virtual Reality Technology into their everyday practice routine. For instance, #1 NFL QB pick, Jameis Winston of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is using SIDEKIQ to supplement his on-field repetitions, limiting wear and tear on his body. Through Virtual Reality, athletes of all sports are maximizing the effectiveness of their practices by stepping on the field with a full understanding of their playbook. Players now have the ability to use their smartphone and VR headset, or as a Virtual Reality bundle like EON Sports VR.

Edutainment is “entertainment, with an educational aspect”. In other words, edutainment apps combine compelling visuals and storytelling to create entertaining experiences with educational value. Virtual Reality based applications for Edutainment are awakening the curiosity for learning among K-12 children. These apps provide ability to experience situations and scenarios that enrich a child’s experience rather than the overly adult, mass market content that features violent, sexual, and vulgar messages. Virtual Aquariums, space adventures, and sporting simulations are just a few examples of edutainment VR content. See the most popular Virtual reality based edutainment apps here!

Trainees and educators in Oil and Gas, Aerospace, and other large industries are investing in Virtual Reality to improve the effectiveness of their training while reducing costs. Whether these solutions are used at the convenience of a smartphone or tablet, these VR solutions for industry are also being experienced in cave environments and other large, immersive platforms. See how companies like ExxonMobil, Raytheon, and General Electric are using VR here!

Content for the Oculus Rift started with 3D games adding a sense of immersion to titles that were being published for a 2D experience. Users feel like they are part of the game, and are able to interact and engage in a fully immersive Virtual Reality environment. As an option, players can use their bodies or other movements to interact with the game environment, like the Virtuix Omni.


Users experience an immersive, virtual environment by using Virtual Reality software for industry training.

Other Virtual Reality uses include:

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