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with EON Ibench Software


The ZVR with EON Ibench Software is a table-top Virtual Reality solution that lets users interact with virtual objects in a way not previously possible with traditional 2D displays. The ZVR® stereoscopic 3D system allows for intuitive, real-time interaction on a bright 24″ HD stereoscopic screen that is responsive to the user’s actions and can display the most realistic 3D objects or full virtual environment.

The system includes high-end 3D software that enables easy conversion of 3D data, scenario creation, the ability to create advanced interactivity, and supports numerous CAD and 3D model formats as well as content from the EON Experience portal.

Ibench Mobile Technical Drawing

Key Features

  • ZVR® high-definition stereoscopic display with full images rendered for each eye for ultra-high realism.

  • Lightweight polarized passive trackable eye wear for viewing comfort.
  • Low-cost, high-quality stereoscopic motion tracked 3D.
  • Full motion parallax, with sensors tracking the viewing angle, enabling the user to look around objects and visualize multiple perspectives with simple head movements.
  • Direct and natural interaction enabling users to navigate, manipulate and explore models.
  • Fast set-up that can be completed and learned within minutes.
  • A trade-show and event ready system that includes a bright display and wand interaction device that is not sensitive to varying light conditions.