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Mobile AR



Now you can interact with your environment in a whole new way. Whether you are wearing Augmented Reality glasses or are using a handheld/mobile device, EON AR collects real-time data from custom GPS nodes and orientation sensors, which then superimposes relevant data in the form of interactive 3D models and 2D information to the world around you.

Use it for industrial maintenance and training, for marketing and advertising to your customers, or to uplift product communication. EON AR is the next step to enhancing customer engagement and delivering a more immersive experience.

Interactive Mirror Technical Drawing

Key Features

  • Hardware tracks the device’s position and orientation in 3D physical space built on the de facto standard platform provided by Qualcomm’s Vuforia.
  • Overlays 3D data on top the real world through graphical markers or QR codes to use for real time visual guidance and feedback.
  • Adds immersion capabilities to mobile devices for applications in Industry, Education, and Edutainment.
  • Wearable AR Glasses allows users to manipulate and process contextual visual data.
  • EON supports devices such as EPSON’s Moverio and Google’s Glass. Through EON’s Xtend Technology, new devices can be supported with a few simple configuration tweaks.
  • This technology can empower mechanics to receive real time visual guidance and feedback while working on technical procedures, it will also make a student’s textbook come to life, and let children safely play with dinosaurs in their local park.