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EON Idome Mobile



The EON Idome Mobile brings immersive experiences to small groups, ranging from one to five people. High resolution projection and a 180 degree field of view, creates a vivid scene for trade shows, museums, showrooms, and product presentations. Whether in 2D or 3D, the full field of view projection immerses your audience and adds that “wow” factor.

With a quick setup time, the EON Idome Mobile is a flexible solution that can be easily relocated according to your needs. A vacuum pulls the screen tight 22 ft wide screen taut and a hemispherical lens projects a total of 2 megapixels for an awe inspiring image.


  • Compact footprint of 17′ in diameter and 9′ deep with a short setup and breakdown time.
  • Constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame for maximum support and easy transport.
  • Utilizes compact 3D stereoscopic projection technology that can be integrated with IR tracking for ultimate immersion.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of Virtual Reality peripherals, including data-gloves, Xbox controllers, motion tracking systems, joysticks, and more.
  • Vacuum tightened screen for seamless projection and lighter construction.
  • 180 degree projection for full field of view immersion for 3D and 2D content.