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EON Icube Mobile



The EON IcubeTM Mobile is a portable, multi-sided immersive environment in which participants become surrounded by virtual images and sound. Designed for your convenience, the EON Icube Mobile can be configured with 3 or 4 walls and offers all the benefits of the original EON Icube system.

Its compact footprint also makes it a convenient solution when space is limited. Like the EON Icube, the EON Icube Mobile has a user-friendly interface that makes everything from hardware setup to software deployment easy for users of all levels.

EON Icube Mobile Technical Drawing


  • Compact footprint of 9’4″ x 10′ with short setup and breakdown time.
  • Constructed with a lightweight aluminum truss frame for maximum support and easy transport.
  • Utilizes compact 3D stereoscopic project technology that can be integrated with IR tracking for ultimate immersion.
  • Compatibility with a wide range of Virtual Reality peripherals, including data-gloves, Xbox controllers, motion tracking systems, joysticks, and more.
  • Alignment of viewing frustum between view-ports for perpendicular screens depending on tracked viewing position.
  • Develop cost effective single or multi-channel applications with EON Icube Software, a proprietary EON technology that allows you to add complex interactions to EON applications.