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EON Ibench

An intuitive Virtual Reality experience


The EON Ibench is a full-body standalone display solution that enables easy, fast, and reliable real-time interactions with virtual objects and environments. The stereoscopic 3D system allows for intuitive, real-time interaction on a bright 72″ x 45″ HD stereoscopic screen that is responsive to the user’s actions and can display the most realistic 3D objects or full virtual environment.

The system includes high-end 3D software that enables easy conversion of 3D data, scenario creation, the ability to create advanced interactivity, and supports numerous CAD and 3D model formats as well as content from the EON Experience portal.

Key Features

  • Fully integrated solution with high-end graphics mobile workstation, rear projected active 3D projector, wand interaction device, software, and glasses included.
  • Runs from a workstation computer equipped with a NVIDIA Quadro graphics card.
  • Full six degree of freedom motion tracking for 3D perspective viewing and interaction.
  • Can be extended with multi-user remote collaboration via EON Coliseum.
  • Lightweight active trackable 3D eyewear for viewing comfort.
  • Access to thousands of applications with EON Experience player.