Asia Pacific Breweries and EON Reality to Brew Up Next-Generation Training Solutions

EON Reality’s Augmented and Virtual Reality solution for Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) was such a success that the two parties announced today that they will expand the development of a series of innovative Augmented and Virtual Reality training solutions for APB employees.

The agreement comes after APB found great success during their first run of using EON Reality’s AVR Platform to cut down on the cost and time spent training new employees. Going forward, the two will identify opportunities to develop industry standard training content for APB’s production floor operations to boost productivity and safety.

EON Reality is proud to partner APB in its efforts to introduce innovative, next-generation training solutions for its employees using the AVR Platform. The emerging opportunities are vast, and I am delighted to see both APB and EON Reality taking their partnership to the next level. We look forward to being a part of APB’s journey to enhance training outcomes.

Dan Lejerskar, Founder of EON Reality

Aside from wanting to integrate Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions into workplace training, both parties are also looking to explore a broader spectrum of business and supply chain applications for the technology. By coming up with a sustainable content creation model to create cost-effective and expert-designed training curricula, APB and EON Reality could change significantly more than just the way they conduct their workplace training.

People have produced beer for centuries, and here at the home of Tiger Beer, we’re celebrating our 87th year by beginning to scale up our data and digital insights. Our small-scale impactful digitalization initiatives — made possible through the help from our partners like EON Reality — bring us significantly closer to our vision of becoming a technologically connected brewery that can produce great beers for our consumers even more efficiently.
Jerome Lamonin, Supply Chain Director of Asia Pacific Breweries

About EON Reality
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