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Project Description


Virtual Reality City Planning


The Katara Cultural Village in Doha, Qatar needed a way to showcase their current development and plans for future development at the Village at the MIPIM show. The challenge was how do you properly convey the size and scope of a large scale property development at a trade show? Traditional models and animations do not capture the full scale nature of these developments and do not differentiate the presentation from the competition. Also, these representations don’t let a user experience the property, just view what it will look like.

  • Expensive Models
    Scale models that highlight new real estate developments and expansions on existing ones are a staple at conferences like MIPIM. However, these models are extremely expensive and very difficult to transport. They also do not give a viewer a 1:1 perspective view of the properties they’re viewing.
  • Flat Renderings
    Also, video fly throughs and renderings are flat non immersive experiences that require imagination to put the viewer into the development. While these offer a more realistic view of a property, they lack the depth of 3D model or mockup.


EON Reality created an immersive Virtual Reality experience for the Katara Cultural Village and Aspire Katara Investment (AKI). This experience used the EON Icube Mobile to display a realistic model of the Katara Cultural Village highlighting the existing construction but also the planned future additions. This enabled visitors at the trade show to get a realistic view of the construction and walk the site as if they were actually there. The original data for the project consisted of over 250 Gigabytes of information, and was processed and optimized in EON Reality’s Virtual Reality authoring software, to enable Virtual Reality walk through in the EON Icube Mobile.

Virtual Reality Models

Virtual Reality offers a unique way of experiencing property development projects before completion, enabling crucial planning and investment decisions to be made in a more informed way. Users are able to walk the property as if they were really there and experience the full scale of the buildings and amenities. Also, the viewers are able to experience the Village at a 1:1 scale enabling a true sense of presence.

Visualize Complex Plans

The EON Icube Mobile brought to life the Katara Cultural Village by compositing architectural plans and imagery to create a cohesive and comprehensive visualization of the current and proposed construction. While the architectural drawings may be ok for those working in the construction industry, tenants, government officials, and tourists need a more visual way to understand the proposed additions to the Village.


The experience at MIPIM received significant foot traffic and was a success. The Katara Cultural Village is continuing its expansion having completed the religious, cultural, and retail components of the Village. The Icube Mobile was installed on location to assist with marketing and sales of properties on site.

“Our future customers, partners and investors can now visit the Katara Cultural Village virtually and experience it as if ‘being there’ – and will be able to not only walk through the existing infrastructure and facilities, but also the new developments coming up, and experience it in the most realistic way possible in scale 1:1,” said Malika Mohammed Al-Shraim, Public Relations & Communications Manager of Cultural Village Foundation – Katara.