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Project Description

Virtual Data Center Tour


A leading financial services company wanted to cement the view that they are just as much of a technology company as a finance company. They like to showcase the impressive technology in their data centers to their various stakeholders and explain how financial transactions are processed. The problem is that these data centers are highly secure locations that contain incredibly critical and sensitive information. Visitors had to be screened and escorted through the datacenter.

  • Screening Process
    Visitors had to be thoroughly screened before entering the datacenter. This is a very inconvenient process that adds time to their visit and requires additional staff to screen visitors.
  • Sensitive Data
    The data center holds sensitive financial data and to allow visitors into the datacenter means that these guests need to be closely monitored. This is to ensure that no one accidentally causes an issue in the data center and to make sure visitors stay with tour. Additional personnel were required to maintain a secure environment.
  • Highlight Tech Prowess
    They want to highlight their technology to counter the view that they are a financial institution similar to a bank. The screening process and the secure nature of the facility meant that only limited numbers of VIPs could take the tour. This limited access meant that their message could not reach everyone they wanted.


EON Reality created a Virtual Walkthrough of the company’s data centers. This walkthrough contained all the key points that they would visit during the normal tour. However, the Virtual Tour took a more stylized approach that protected the sensitive areas of the data center. The walkthrough also includes animated explanations of some of the important equipment and processes that take place in the data center.

Quicker Virtual Tour

Because the tour no longer physically takes place inside the data center, no special screening needs to take place before the tour can begin. This, and the fact that the Virtual Tour can quickly jump between key locations in the data center, significantly speeds up the tour of the data center. This also means less people are needed to chaperone a tour.

More Secure

With the tour being virtual, the company no longer has visitors walking through the data center. This reduces the need for as many people chaperone the tour as well as lessen the chance for incidents and accidents. Also, the stylized version of the tour protects sensitive equipment and trade secrets.

High Tech Approach

The company is able to provide a scalable tour that is given the same way every time through Virtual Reality technology. In the future, the tour can be taken from its current large screen format to other displays such as Mobile VR, further broadening its reach.


Using EON Reality’s solution, the company is now presenting a stunning 3D virtual tour of their data center to their visitors and key stakeholders. This virtual tour allows their data center and technology to be presented to a much larger audience of people than before, while doing so in a comfortable and controlled environment. The need to walk long distances through long corridors has been eliminated. Instead visitors put on a pair of 3D glasses sit comfortably in a climate controlled environment.