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Project Description

Nassief House


The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) needed a way to highlight historic Jeddah and, in particular, the Bait Nassief (Nassief House), a UNESCO World Heritage site, for the Saudi Travel and Tourism Market show. Typical tourism presentations focus on beautiful imagery and slick videos showing highlights of the location in question. The SCTA wanted to create something that separated their display from the crowd, let visitors to the booth experience tourism opportunities in Jeddah, and let users take the experience home with them. These goals could not be met using traditional tourism trade show approaches.

  • Capture Historic Significance
    Nassief House played an important part in the history of modern Jeddah and Saudi Arabia as a whole. It was used by Abdulaziz Ibn Saud after the Siege of Jeddah in 1925 as his royal residence in the city. The Siege of Jeddah was the final battle of Ibn Saud’s conquest of Hejaz and led to the formation of modern Saudi Arabia. This detail and the specifics of the historic function of the Nasseif House would be extremely difficult to communicate in printed material or non interactive video.
  • Bring the Experience Home
    Getting trade show materials to ‘stick’ is a major challenge. Printouts and brochures often find their way into trashcans not too far from the booth. The SCTA needed a way for their materials to travel home and be shared after the trade show. This meant a great experience and a exciting giveaway needed to be created for their visitors.


EON Reality together with Midwam Edutainment, EON Reality’s Saudi Arabian partner, developed an immersive Virtual Reality experience for the SCTA to be shown at the Saudi Travel and Tourism Market (STTIM). This experience used the EON Icube Mobile to give visitors an interactive tour of the Nassief House with tour guide explaining the significance of the different rooms. Visitors to the SCTA booth could experience Nassief House, a major piece of historic Jeddah, from the trade show floor. Visitors could also enjoy the experience on their mobile phones after the event with a specially created app, Augmented Reality marker, and custom printed Cardboard headsets.

Full Virtual Tour

Visitors to the SCTA booth received a guided tour of the Nassief House from Riyadh rather than having to make the 965.5 km (600 mi) trip to Jeddah. The SCTA can now use the application to highlight the historic significance of Jeddah and the Nassief House from anywhere. Combined with lessening the impact on the actual historic site, the caretakers can let visitors explore protected areas of the site and show, through the Virtual Reality experience, behind the scenes aspects of the Nassief House.

Bring It Home

Visitors to the SCTA booth were also able to bring the experience home with them and experience the Virtual Tour on their mobile devices through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The use of branded Cardboard viewers created a valuable giveaway that the visitors to the SCTA booth would keep rather than discard. This created an application that would be shared by travel agents and tourism professionals with their clients, family, and friends.


The application was successfully deployed at the Saudi Travel and Tourism Market and helped drive significant traffic to the SCTA’s booth at the event.

Prince Sultan bin Salman, president of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) commended Midwam Edutainment’s work and said the following at the launch at the Saudi Travel and Tourism Investment Market: “By changing how we experience our environment, the best of AR and VR technologies also prompt growth of other verticals such as tourism and education. These pioneering technologies are currently implemented by the SCTA in 25 museums in Saudi Arabia. Midwam’s work in Jeddah’s UNESCO World Heritage site is one-of-a-kind.”