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Project Description


Kinan Real Estate Experience



A Construction Company based in Saudi Arabia was looking for a solution to differentiate their condominiums from the competition, improve their pre-construction sales, and increase customer satisfaction. Their sales process followed the same approach that other construction companies in the region followed, such as showing drawings and mockups from the office to make pre-construction sales. This left room for improvement in customer conversions and customer satisfaction.

  • Difficult to Differentiate
    With product presentations being so similar, it was difficult for the Construction Company to differentiate their offering from the competition. The plans were unique and stylish, but the customer wasn’t receiving a memorable experience.
  • Pre-Construction Purchases
    The company faces the common industry problems of how to increase pre-construction sales for their apartments and condominiums. Potential customers have to visualize themselves in the property and like it enough so they buy.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
    With a customer having to visualize themselves in the property, managing customer expectations and making sure the customer has a clear view of the final product is crucial to customer satisfaction. This can be challenging with only floor plans and sketches to begin the sales process.


EON Reality created a mixed reality application for this company to help them differentiate themselves from the competition, increase sales, and improve customer satisfaction. By blending Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in one app, the Construction Company was able to showcase their different floor plans in a variety of styles and allow their customers to tour unbuilt or unfinished properties. Available on both iOS and Android, users are able to experience the property in the sales office or at home with their friends and family.

Better Presentation

A Virtual and Augmented Reality tour is the ultimate marketing enhancement. With flat marketing materials and traditional marketing materials, customers cannot get a true feel for the condominiums. Customers with this app can walk their condo before the company breaks ground and experience what it would like to live in one. Adding branded cardboard headsets to experience the app adds further differentiation.

Increase Sales

The ability to experience a property before it’s built is a major benefit of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Customers no longer have to extrapolate from sketches and models to get a feel for new construction. The company was able to showcase their four different floor plans in three different styles for customers to tour whenever they chose.

Improved Satisfaction

Friends and family members can now share in the sales office experience through AR and VR. Previously, they had to come to the sales office to get a feel for the new property. This results in higher purchase confidence. Additionally, the company can make certain that their plan for new construction is clearly communicated so that this matches with their customer’s vision.


By embracing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the sales process, we begin to see faster project approvals, increased positive client interactions, and higher client satisfaction.