Experience Our Platform

Experience Our Platform

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EON Reality’s Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality platform consists of multiple content creation tools that allow users of all experience levels create AR and VR knowledge transfer applications. These applications can then interface with a variety of add-ons and software products that extend their functionality to areas such as multi-user environments and user assessment.


Publish your applications directly to EON Experience VR and EON Experience OR let our Global Interactive Digital Center network handle distribution for you.


Our Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Platform is designed to help users Learn Faster, Remember Longer, and Decide Better. With our Do-It-Yourself EON Creator and EON Creator AVR, users can create content that will empower others to pick up a skill, learn a trade, or change the world.

Our Platform:

We Create Applica­tions

From publicly available apps to custom applications for customers, our global IDC network builds Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications spanning multiple subject matter areas for various levels of expertise.

For example we create apps for: Sports, Nature, Health, Art, Music, VR Movies, Social Media , User Generated Content, World Heritage, History, Virtual Aquariums, VR Labs, and more. All of these we showcase on our Augmented and Virtual Reality Library, EON Experience and EON Experience VR.

We Develop And Deploy AR and VR Systems

Our solutions go from Phone to Dome, powering devices as small as a mobile phone all the way to the 30 person Idome. We offer a true cross platform solution enabling Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and interactive 3D applications to seamlessly work with over 30 platforms.

Our Most Popular Systems: