EON Reality Mauritius

Regional Headquarters & Entrepreneur School

  • 62, ICT Avenue,
    The Core, Level 3, University of Mauritius Branch,
    Ebene Cybercity, Mauritius 72201
  • +230 468 1003

EON Reality Mauritius Ltd offices are on level 3, of the University of Mauritius Branch at THE CORE, Ebene Cybercity Landmark tower. Located along one of the main highways leading to Ebene and facing the popular Ebene Commercial Centre and INTERMART.

EON Entrepreneur School, Mauritius


Registration until 7/31, 2017 | Internship: 8/7 2017 – 6/14 2018

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EON Reality Mauritius Ltd has a training facility on level 2 of the University of Mauritius Branch at THE CORE. This training area has been Labelled the VR Innovation Academy in line with EON Reality philosophy. The University of Mauritius with the help of EON Reality Mauritius Ltd has developed a training program LC511 as a post-graduate diploma for a duration of 1 year, with 4 Months of theory and 7 Months of Practical training. Each year 50 Students are recruited by the University of Mauritius. The requirements for this course, as per University Guidelines are that the student must have a Degree in field similar or related to; Multimedia, Art and Design, Engineering, and Information Technology Apply Now!

In parallel, we also offer an extensive Apprenticeship program that aims at training those are seeking employment in the field of AR/VR and beyond. For this program the minimum requirements is to have a High School Certificate and a good command of the English Language. On this program you will learn 3D Modelling, Programming, UI&UX design and Project Management over 1 year through practical and theory based training. Enroll Now!



  • EON5000 General knowledge in area of VR/AR projects
  • EON5001 3D Content Creation Process
  • EON5002 Animation techniques for 3D interactive content
  • EON5003 EON Reality tools – logic in 3D interactive content development
  • EON5004 Advanced Skills in Software Applications Development
  • EON5005 Development of 3D applications for mobile devices
  • EON5006 Immersive Systems Development Techniques
  • EON5007 Optimisation and Advanced features in VR Development process


  • EON5008 Practical Training


3D Modelling


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