EON Reality Duncanville, TX

Regional Office & Entrepreneur School

The Entrepreneur School consists of an Augmented and Virtual Reality classroom for thirty students and a development lab with the latest in Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies. The school delivers a comprehensive training program aimed at developing Duncanville’s digital content workforce, specializing in Augmented and Virtual Reality. The course includes coding, 3D modeling, animation, design and development. The expertise these students acquire is suitable for many other industry sectors, such as product visualization, games creation, multi-media design, design reviews, and broadcast media. The Entrepreneur School’s main focus is on the Education, Energy, Transportation, Medical, and Sports fields.

EON Entrepreneur School, Duncanville, TX

Start Date: July 17,  2017


Stage 1 – Theoretical and practical training – 4 months

  • General knowledge on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Project management tools and techniques while working on VR and AR immersive projects
  • Development of 2D and 3D visual assets
  • Modelling, Texturing, Rigging and Animation of the assets for VR and AR applications
  • Interactive application development basic and advance
  • Scripting and programming techniques within interactive application development
  • Development and deployment of the VR applications for immersive systems
  • Creation mobile 3D applications with VR and AR functionality
  • Publishing applications for Android, iOS and for EON Studio based educational platforms

Stage 2 – Project based training – 7 months

  • Collaborative work in multi-skilled groups
  • Student’s individual development path via experience working on projects
  • Idea promotion and incubation of the creativity
  • Support the operations of global company incl. production, marketing and installations
  • Team building exercises
  • Mentoring and entrepreneurship development


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