The Riverdale Press: Lehman wants Bronx to be tech market’s next stop

Lehman College has opened its new Virtual Reality and Training and Development Lab, offering students the chance to study the burgeoning technology inexpensively. It is the only such programming currently being offered at a college in the Bronx. Lehman is pushing the virtual reality lab as it seeks to position the Bronx as the stop for new talent in the tech industry while providing the community with a convenient and affordable way to gain the knowledge. Virtual reality takes a person into a “different place,” meaning user feel as if they are transported to another location.

Industri: Singapore Holds CommunicAsia & BroadcastAsia 2017

To optimize the digital economy, CommunicAsial EnterpriseIT, and BroadcastAsia are held in Singapore on 22-25 May 2017 to showcase the latest innovations that have an effect on business operations, city management by governments, and how consumers receive information. Linda Wee, Chief Executive of UBM SES, said that the exhibition will discuss digital transformation such as data analysis, cyber security, Internet of Things (IoT), robot, virtual reality, and advanced development of broadcasting technology.

Next Reality: VAR Football Gives Coaches Another Tool to Train Sports Teams With—The HoloLens

The HoloLens is a natural medium for 3D data visualization, which offers a far more ideal approach over 2D screens to managing multiple resources simultaneously and grasping the bigger picture. We’ve already seen how management is using holograms to oversee cities, firefighters, and the military, and now training for sports teams is being addressed with VAR Football.

The Collegian: VR classroom will be introduced

A NE Campus classroom is home to a new kind of experiential classroom. Experiential classrooms allow faculty and staff to sample, test and learn how to manage new classroom products, like new technology, dry-erase wall materials and moveable furniture, to select the best, most cost-effective products before introducing them to multiple classrooms across the district. While all five TCC campuses have an experiential classroom, NTAB 2203 will, in a couple of months, be the first to introduce virtual reality software to the classroom environment. That is if everything goes to according to plan, NE professional development chair Caroline Hamilton said.

Travelers Today: Mexico’s Ruins To Offer Dazzling Augmented Reality Experiences

Mexico and the Mexican government openly welcome virtual and augmented reality. Aside from Content, a formal virtual and augmented reality technology development through the establishment of an Interactive Digital Center (IDC) in Mexico is the fruit of an agreement between the Mexican Government and EON Reality, a property development company. According to AP-OIP, EON Reality Mexico Center would bring more high-tech companies to Mexico and help improve education and training using virtual and augmented reality technologies. This could mean further improvement in tourism technologies existing in the country today.

Quad-City Times: VR showcased as next big thing for business

Dozens of Quad-City employers got a look Tuesday at how their workers, including tomorrow’s employees, could get their education and training in a virtual world and in the not-so-distant future. Eastern Iowa Community Colleges’ new Virtual Reality Interactive Digital Center in downtown Davenport — part of a partnership between the district and EON Reality, opened its doors to begin conversations with area employers.