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Liège, Belgium


Walloon Region and EON Reality’s Interactive Digital Center (IDC) in Liège, Belgium lays the groundwork for a regional deployment of the Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) Platform in Belgium, as well as the Netherlands, Germany and Austria.

The IDC will contain an AVR Showroom with cutting edge AVR technology, a VR Innovation Academy, and an AVR Development Lab. The VR Innovation Academy will train local students to become AVR professionals through a 10-month course consisting of 4 months of study and 6 months of project-based learning. These students will learn the underpinning of AVR, 3D content creation, coding, and project management.

This new IDC will create content and applications tailored to the regional market and localize existing EON Reality content. As the Walloon Region’s economy evolves, Augmented and Virtual Reality will accelerate the training of workers through contextual knowledge applications and experiential training.