Interactive Digital Centers

EON Reality’s Interactive Digital Centers provide education and training in Virtual Reality and interactive 3D technologies in the areas of Education, Industry, and Edutainment.  As a leader in the field of interactive 3D visualization, our Centers provide access to state-of-the-art Virtual Reality equipment, development lab, and virtual 3D learning platform that meet the growing demands of the Interactive Digital Media sector and capture emerging opportunities, both locally and globally.

By collaborating with local business, technology, and government partners, IDCs aim to generate an overall awareness, understanding, and belief in Virtual Reality solutions that stimulate the local economy and create greater educational value.  A key feature of the IDC is the EON Entrepreneur School, a comprehensive program aimed at developing the area’s workforce with skills in interactive and 3D technology including coding, design and development. EON Reality expects to produce young talent every year through its education and training system and develop an entrepreneurial base supported by a growing creative and digital industry.

With the 3D market estimated to reach 227 billion USD in 2017 and higher adoption rates of personal Virtual and Augmented Reality devices, innovative ideas and unique applications will be crucial to satisfy the growing worldwide demand for Virtual and Augmented Reality applications. To capture the huge VR/AR market potential in untapped market segments the IDC also consists of the EON Innovation Program, a twelve month entrepreneurship program that seeks to nurture innovative Virtual and Augmented Reality ideas and bring them to market via EON Reality’s worldwide sales, marketing, development, and support network.

Knowledge Transfer Benefits 

Each IDC brings the following knowledge transfer benefits to its respective region:

  • Multiplier Effect – The IDC Hub can within 60 months enable an entire nation to learn up to 12 times faster, 100 entrepreneur students create VR/AR curriculum for thousands of end users within less than 36 months
  • Competitive Advantage – Local industries can access the latest technologies to gain a competitive advantage and transfer knowledge up to 12 times faster and improve quality assurance with up to 40%
  • Job Creation – Local partners can create a targeted localized offering for the regional market
  • Innovation “Create an educational software that is as compelling as the best video game and as effective as a personal tutor.” – from “Grand Challenges for the 21st Century”, President Obama 2009 September
  • Engage and Motivate – Enable staff and students to use the latest interactive 3D technologies; create interesting and engaging learning experiences
  • Improve Retention – Engage and excite with an “I see, I do” approach. Perform training in a replica of a real-world environment –  Experiential Learning

IDC Activities & Services

  • Seminars & Conferences: These activities provide awareness about Virtual Reality solutions and highlight IDC capabilities.  Focused on case study reviews, these events demonstrate the benefits and ROI of interactive 3D and visualization solutions.
  • Virtual Learning Courses: Industrial training courses are offered to prospective users to provide them with an understanding of how they can implement Virtual 3D solutions.
  • Remote Interactive Training: Distributed or remote interactive training is available based on multi-user Virtual 3D environment or self-study training.
  • Infrastructure Rental: IDC equipment and facilities may be rented/leased to outside users and potential interest groups for internal product reviews, client clinics etc.
  • Virtual 3D Learning solutions can be disseminated to academic institutions in collaboration with content providers, technology partners, and local channel partners to target high schools, community colleges, universities, local governments, academic communities, publishing media companies and online consumers.
  • Implementation Projects:  Skill building programs can be specially developed for clients within the key IDC focus areas.
  • Application Adaptation: EON Reality’s software products and solutions can be customized to fit local area and client needs and can be integrated into clients’ environments.
  • On-site Customer Support: IDC resources can be deployed as consultants to clients’ sites to facilitate project deployment.
  • Implementation of socially responsible entertainment solutions in collaboration with  local science parks, museums, retail developments and leisure parks targeting the public, such as sports arenas/events.

IDC Consortium

Dedicated to Developing 3D Virtual Reality Solutions Since 2006

The IDC Consortium is a global coalition of the interactive 3D market and IPCM and aims to establish de facto standards for visualization solutions world wide.

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