EON Reality invited to showcase VR at Houses of Parliament

Promoting authentic public safety engagement with young people is a huge challenge – for governments, for NGOs and for the emergency services.

Virtual reality is being explored as the ultimate medium for public communications – and EON Reality is paving the way in demonstrating how this can be perfectly achieved with immersive technology for the transport, infrastructure, and safety sectors.

EON Reality’s UK headquarters were called to showcase their Virtual Reality achievements in the Houses of Parliament this month, extending a VIP invitation to their Safety Standards event.

Welcomed by Barry Sheerman MP, with a keynote from Paul Maynard MP, the event discussed the recent achievements and the upcoming infrastructure needs faced by the transport industry as a whole.

Mark Bridgeman, Chief Operating Officer and UK MD at EON Reality, said: “EON Reality is proud to be working with public organizations in the UK, and in doing so, we are helping define best practice for on-message, immersive public safety comms.

“Utilizing VR for public safety campaigns is incredibly effective, and efficient, in delivering campaigns that stick. Therefore the solution for engaging young people in learning about safety, is simple – we need to respect and understand their heightened standard of rich media experiences.”

Supporting a strong vision for the future of safety communications, EON Reality showcased their VR CGI Level Crossing safety series targeted at the aged 8-16 demographic. Lead Producer for the project, Kelvin Cannon-Brown, showcased the virtual reality films and assisted officials with their immersive experiences.

Kelvin Cannon-Brown said: “VR is the perfect tool of immersing an individual into a specific situation. You feel like you are really there, which in turn delivers a meaningful and lasting memory.

“It’s great to see organizations with the foresight to embrace EON Reality in Manchester, and new technologies which can deliver vital safety messages in a new and compelling way.”

It was a delight for EON Reality to be able to introduce and impress specialists, executives and engineering leads from across the House of Commons Transport Committee with the capabilities of Virtual Reality technology.

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