EON Idesk

A new dimension to your desktop


EON Idesk™ is a complete, interactive Virtual Reality desktop solution designed to accelerate and improve the way people learn, teach and communicate in today’s world.

Powered by Leonar3do technology, this turnkey solution includes a passive 23″ 3D display monitor that allows for intuitive, real-time interactions responsive to the user’s actions and displays the most realistic 3D objects and full virtual environments. The system includes high-end 3D software that enables easy conversion of 3D data, scenario creation, the ability to create advanced interactivity, and supports numerous CAD and 3D model formats as well as content from the EON Experience portal.

Key Features

  • A 23″ passive polarized 3D display screen with effective 1080p native resolution and support for circular passive 3D stereo viewing.
  • Passive polarized 3D glasses with head tracking and an approximate range of 120 cm; angle of view is 120 degrees horizontally and 60 degrees vertically.
  • Enhanced user navigation supported by the “Bird” stylus, with typical accuracy measured between +/- 3-12 mm up to a maximum distance of 60 cm.
  • Experience full motion parallax with 6 degrees of freedom (3 axis rotation and 3 axis translation), latency of 16 ms, and an update rate of 60 Hz.
  • System includes both EON Creator and EON Studio software for the creation of high-quality interactive 3D content, and access to over 5000 3D objects, scenes, and lesson plans in the EON Experience portal.
  • Mobile graphics workstation powered by a minimum Quad Core 2.3 GHz Processor, Windows 7 64-Bit, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia FX M Graphics with 2GB Graphics Memory, CD/DVD, 500 GB hard drive, and integrated sound system.
  • All necessary signal distribution equipment and cabling with remote installation, training, integration, and support.