EON Icube is the Perfect Marketing Tool for EnCore Aerospace

The EON team recently hosted EnCore Aerospace, a company that specializes in the design, manufacture, tooling and certification of floor to floor interiors for aerospace for an immersive aircraft interior design exploration of a B737 aircraft. By using our interactive display solution, the EON Icube, EnCore Aerospace was able to visually immerse the design team and potential client in an interactive tour of their design.

“Using the Icube at EON Reality was a great marketing tool for EnCore Aerospace.  As we were presenting a “New Look Interior” for a B737 aircraft to one of our customers, there could not have been a better way to show the fit, form and function of each of our components. Our customer actually felt like they were inside their aircraft. In our business it’s very important to show space and how it’s utilized inside an aircraft and with the Icube’s 3D projection you get that perception. In addition with the integration of the software EON use, we are able to make changes on the fly which is another great advantage for the customer,” said Stan Fisher, VP of Sales and Marketing, EnCore Aerospace.

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