Dominican Republic VRIA Students Earn Application Upon Graduation

When the 17 students graduated from EON Reality’s VR Innovation Academy in the Dominican Republic, they’d earned a special reward along with their certification. EON Reality, El Parque Cibernetico in Santo Domingo, and the Inter-American Development Bank received an application for the first “Children’s Education Road Park” within the Juan Boch City.

The Children’s Education Road Park is currently under construction, but once it’s finished, it will provide daily workshops to educational centers nationwide using virtual reality through interactive simulations that include lessons on speed limits, traffic signals, and safe driving.

“Virtual reality and augmented reality will help children understand their roles within the road in a more active and participatory way.”

Ing. Claudia Franchesca de los Santos, Executive Director of INTRANT

For more information on the VR Innovation Academy and EON Reality’s presence in the Dominican Republic, please visit the Dominican Republic page on EON Reality’s website.