Augmented and Virtual Reality sports solutions solve two major issues for sporting organizations – how to better train their athletes and how to get their fans closer to the action. With Virtual Reality sports simulations that move at game speeds, athletes can achieve realistic repetitions whenever they need. For the fans, they can now get closer to the action than ever before with streaming 360 degree video and immersive highlights.


Better Practice Needed

Teams are always looking for an edge, whether it’s tactics or training, so they can win more games. Practice has always sought to replicate game situations as closely as possible, but it can’t match the intensity or speed of the real thing.

Video Not Enough

Video and whiteboards are the main way for coaches and players to communicate game concepts. However, with the rise of gaming and interactive media these methods are not nearly as effective as they were. Also, you can only show what the camera recorded or hope that the player can visualize the play correctly.

Better Engagement Needed

Sports teams are always to increase visitors to their games, lower costs, and provide a fun experience for their fans. To do so they need new and creative ways to reach out to potential fans and realize additional revenue streams for the diehard fans.

Fans Further From The Action

As stadiums and arenas grow in size, fans keep moving further and further away from the action. Court side seats cost an arm and a leg, but how can a team share that experience with more people?

AR / VR Solution

Realistic Repetitions

Athletes are immersed in Virtual Reality sports solutions that replicate real game situations. This technology allows for the recreation of specific game situations, either those they’ve experience before or those they expect to see in the future.

Move Beyond Film

Augmented and Virtual Reality sports solutions are able to display exactly what a player is supposed to do or what they will see on game day. There is no need to turn Xs and Os into imaginary opponents. Additionally, where video is locked into one, often poor perspective, Virtual Reality allows the viewer to look at a play from the perspective they need.

Improved Fan Engagement

Innovative Augmented and Virtual Reality sports experiences can make a huge difference in fan outreach. Let the fans feel like they’re a part of your organization with 360 degree videos, both live and VOD.

Getting Fans Closer to the Action

Through Augmented or Virtual Reality sports solutions, fans can experience what it is like to be court side, stand on the sidelines, join the huddle, or hang out in the locker room.