Improve the experience of store-goers and shoppers as well as increase sales by using Augmented and Virtual Reality retail solutions for you business. Brands and retailers need new and exciting ways to engage the modern consumer, augmented and virtual reality can heighten the shopping experience and strengthen the emotional connection to a brand or product.



Retailers are looking for ways to get consumers engaged with their brand. Videos and advertisements are losing their impact in the age of five second attention spans and video games. How can a brand – and shopping venue – grab a consumer’s attention and hold it?

Brand Experience

Brands need to continually innovate in order to cut through the noise of a crowded market place. How can these brands cut through the noise and have consumers really connect with them?

Experiential Shopping

Retail needs to create an EXPERIENCE where the consumer can become intimately involved in the DNA and authenticity of the brand. They need to be informed, entertained and enamored with the brand through these experiences.


Shoppers have no time and “showroaming” is becoming a norm to see form, fit and texture of the garment – and then often return to shop online at competitive prices


The future is mobile – the retail experience has been dramatically impacted by on line shopping. Apps for mobile shopping and all the social media attached to informing the consumer is gearing up to the mobile devices we have with us 24/7.

The Lifestyle Virtual Assistant

Bring the brand to life with information and updates that can benefit the consumer. Ex fitness or motivational tips daily. Ideas for how to pack for travel etc.

AR / VR Solution

Connects with the Consumer

Immersing consumers in Augmented or Virtual Reality retail experiences, creates a stronger emotional connection with the brand in a unique setting. Not only are the consumers experiencing something unique, but they pay attention throughout the experience and are fully immersed in the brand’s message.

Drives Traffic

The use of compelling in-store Augmented or Virtual Reality retail experiences creates a strong engagement through multiple immersive experiences such as the EON Icube and the EON Interactive Mirror.

Lowers Costs

Thanks to Augmented or Virtual Reality retail experiences, a wider range of goods and virtual shopping experiences can be added. This reduces the need for large foot-print physical shops.

Reaches Out

The ability to re-purpose in-store Augmented or Virtual Reality retail experiences for consumers to access on-the-go through mobile devices, enables brands to continue connecting with consumers after they have left the store.

The Avatar – See, Try, Buy

The use of Augmented or Virtual Reality retail solutions with avatars will have a significant impact on branding, retail and shopping in the years to come. Through modern camera technology, consumers can already create their own avatar – an interactive 3D version of the consumer – including skin tone, hair color, height, weight, and all the details that define the size and shape of the shopper.

The personalized avatar can be used in the mobile app to browse collections, try out various ‘looks’ and styles and share with friends and family through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).

Location Based Experiences

Mobile devices with built-in GPS and geo-positioning offers the perfect platform for driving consumers to virtual events at specific locations (e.g. store fronts), present augmented information on top of the camera screen or enable virtual ‘treasure hunts’ with Augmented or Virtual Reality retail experiences.