Augmented and Virtual Reality real estate and construction solutions used in the sales and design process yield faster project approvals, more positive client interactions, and higher client satisfaction. Rather than extrapolating from sketches and blueprints, clients can walk through a future site before construction even begins.



Real Estate Organizations are looking for ways to get their potential buyers engaged with their message and stand apart from the crowd. Videos and advertisements are losing their impact in the age of five second attention spans and video games. How can a property owner or construction firm grab a customer’s attention and hold it long enough for the marketing message to work?

Improve Buyer Engagement

There is a need for exciting experiences to keep potential buyers engaged. As property hunts drag on, it’s difficult to keep buyers engaged and optimize the use of their time. This is especially problematic in pre-construction engagement and sales.

Remembering Properties

Those that have visited properties or sites will want to remember what they saw and review what they liked or disliked about a particular location. They also likely want to share properties with their friends or loved ones. However, pictures and videos do not recreate the experience of being there in person.

AR / VR Solution

Virtual Property Tours

With Augmented and Virtual Reality real estate experiences, the user can walk the hallways and explore rooms of a property as if they were there. Furniture placement, appliances, lighting, and surfaces can be examined and critiqued all from the comfort of an office or the user’s home. By experiencing the property, the user has a better overall experience and higher satisfaction with the finished product.

Actively Buyer Participation

Augmented and Virtual Reality real estate experiences require active participation by the buyer. This way they can quickly get a feel can be added to the process simply by modeling and animating these experiences. This reduces the need for large environments as these digital content can just be loaded on demand for visitor’s enjoyment.

Better Real Estate Experience

Through Augmented and Virtual Reality real estate applications, potential buyers are able to experience the properties like never before. AR and VR lets visitors truly emotionally experience what the properties and locations are all about. Mobile AR and VR applications allows users to let friends and family share in the experience.