Augmented and Virtual Reality edutainment solutions have the power to capture the imagination of children and students around the world. By using this technology to create exciting edutainment experiences, EON Reality is awakening the curiosity for learning in students around the world through Sports, Music, or other fun experiences.


Tell a Better Story

Videos and advertisements are losing their impact in the age of five second attention spans and video games. How can a destination grab a customer’s attention and hold it long enough for them to connect with the message and experience.

Brand Experience

Brands and venues need to continually innovate in order to cut through the noise of a crowded market place. Outbound marketing and advertisements are diminishing in effectiveness and new ways of connecting with customers need to be found

Expensive To Add Attractions

Attractions around the world are struggling to increase visitors, lower costs, and provide a fun experience for their guests. The capital requirements to create new attractions are exorbitant, what other options are there?

Hard To Share

Those who have made the visit to your location may want to relive and share the entire experience or portions of it. Pictures and videos do not recreate the experience of being there in person.

AR / VR Solution

Visitors are Part of the Story

By immersing visitors in Augmented or Virtual Reality edutainment experiences, the story becomes the participant’s story. They stop being a viewer and became an active participant in the narrative. Not only are the visitors entertained, but they pay attention throughout the experience and are fully immersed in the message.

Better Experience

With Augmented and Virtual Reality edutainment experiences visitors are able to experience subject matter like never before. Virtual Reality lets the visitors truly emotionally experience what the ride or brand is all about. Strong engagement through multiple immersive experiences such as the Icube and the interactive mirror holds the visitor’s attention.

Virtual Attractions at Lower Cost

New Augmented and Virtual Reality edutainment experiences can be added to an existing attraction simply by modeling and animating these experiences. We can often reuse any existing CG or CAD assets to further lower costs. This limits the need to build large new environments as digital content can just be loaded on demand for visitor’s enjoyment.

Take The Experience Home

By producing an Augmented or Virtual Reality edutainment attraction, viewers can experience what it is like to be there through companion mobile AR or VR experiences.