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EON Reality’s Mission

EON Reality is the world leader in Virtual and Augmented Reality based knowledge transfer for industry and education.

Here at EON Reality, we believe that knowledge is a Human Right, and it’s our goal to make knowledge available, affordable, and accessible for every human on the planet. To do this, we’re creating the next generation of Virtual and Augmented Reality tools to increase the world’s knowledge transfer capacity.

We’ve been supporting customers since 1999 with Virtual Reality and digital media solutions that improve communication and knowledge transfer – from simulation based learning and safety training, to the creation of interactive 3D sales and marketing materials, to engaging applications that provide realistic experiences anytime, anywhere.

With Virtual and Augmented Reality learning, students and trainees learn through showing rather than telling. EON Reality provides the ability to get “hands on” experience in a virtual environment. This enables learners to accelerate the traditional learning process and creates a competitive advantage to its users.