A Decade In Africa – The Challenge2016-11-07T13:54:21+00:00

The Challenge

This map of South Africa illustrates the learning language barrier.
Map from Wikipedia. Data from statssa

In Africa there is a dire need for education, including K-12, vocational training, and health education. Poor infrastructure, low literacy rates, and language barriers are significant roadblocks to the spread of this transformational knowledge.

Interactive Virtual 3D Learning is a powerful learning tool that sidesteps these issues by showing rather than telling. Virtual 3D Learning has a distinct and powerful edge over more traditional teaching methods that minimize the visual nature of the human brain.

As the map on the right shows, oOvercoming language barriers in Africa is not a trivial issue. For example, South Africa has eleven official languages (English, Afrikaans, and nine Bantu Languages) making broad educational outreach a challenge.

By creating self-contained learning modules, instructors need only to know how to operate the simulation. This eliminates the need for subject matter experts who speak the correct language to travel to remote locations. A 3D lesson can easily be localized into a regional dialect and then distributed providing far more educational benefit.