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Case Studies

Augmented Reality App for UNIDO’s Volvo Selam Vocational Training Center in Ethiopia

An image of the LKDF Interact application in action.

Using AR to improve the quality of life in developing countries worldwide

  • With the number of youth set to double in Africa by 2045, Nations are struggling with training a workforce with the right expertise in both the short and long term.
  • Augmented Reality applications like, LKDF interact, offer hands on training and captures the attention of learners much better than traditional methods.
  • AR offers a cost effective and scalable infrastructure that shortens teaching time, streamlines the learning process, and enables teachers to offer more in-depth insights.
  • The concept behind LKDF Interact can be replicated in other UNIDO projects that focus on industrial skills development, especially projects in the heavy duty vehicle industry field.
  • Read the Press Release, Download the App from Google Play, and read the full Case Study.

EON Reality’s software powered Naledi3D’s basic hygiene application for Uganda

This is a screen from the application developed by Naledi3D for Nakaseke district.

There has been a significant drop in dysentery in the Nakaseke district

  • It is hard to express the joy of hearing those words over the phone from a village 160 km north of Kampala. It was 2004 and we had just received feedback on the impact of our Basic Hygiene simulation that had been rolled out in the Nakaseke district.
  • This Basic Hygiene Project was our first intervention with UNESCO and simulates typical village scenarios where villagers are exposed to good hygiene practices. It has led to a drop in dysentery and other water-borne diseases in Nakaseke and it is still used by the local multipurpose community center to this very day.

From: Naledi3D.com

Soil Conservation Application in Zimbabwe built on EON Reality’s software by Naledi3D

Part of the Soil Conservation Application for Zimbabwe

I built this A-Frame last night!’- Rusike, Zimbabwe Innovation in VR in Africa

  • Eli Gudza, World Links Zimbabwe Director and our project partner, was amazed when a local farmer set down his new A-Frame in front of the workshop audience one morning in 2008.
  • Eli had been presenting our Rural Life Skills Development Project agricultural i3dlo`s to local small – holding farmers the previous day. Funded by the Kellogg Foundation, they covered several important farming issues such as combating pests, setting up ploughs and combating soil erosion, by ploughing along contour lines, not down them.
  • It captured the imagination of one farmer who, now understanding how to make an A-Frame, worked that evening to put one together. For the first time in over 30 years, contours were set out in local fields, which is still going on this day. Precious top soil is being preserved, yields are increasing and new wealth is being created locally.

From: Naledi3D.com