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EON Learn for Life Program’s Purpose?

EON Reality’s Learn for Life Program was created to bring the transformative power of Interactive Virtual 3D Learning to less developed communities around the world. EON Reality has seen the impact that 3D learning has had on our clients and we’re eager to share this innovation with those that need it the most.

Men experiencing VR

What We Do?

Interactive Virtual 3D Learning is an extremely powerful tool in spreading lifesaving knowledge to those that need it the most. By showing rather than telling, Interactive Virtual 3D Learning side steps language barriers and poor literacy. From vocational training, health and sanitation awareness, to farming and animal husbandry, 3D learning is able to provide the knowledge necessary for self sustainability and allow these communities to thrive.

Brazilian students and Ibench Mobile


The Learn for Life Program is focusing on less and lesser developed communities. From impoverished communities in Sub-Saharan Africa to destitute locales in North America and Europe, we plan on bringing Interactive Virtual 3D Learning to areas with high educational and learning deficiencies.

Children from Indonesia

How We Do It?

To bring Interactive Virtual 3D learning to the neediest of communities, EON’s Learn for Life program will be establishing Interactive Development Centers, or IDCs, in coordinated roll outs with governments and aid agencies around the world. Through these centers we hope to not only promote the transfer of life changing knowledge but also spark entrepreneurship and the thirst for higher learning.

A boy enjoying an Icube