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Walter X. Palhetas – CRO

With over 25 years of experience in building sales organizations in the technology space, Palhetas will oversee EON Reality’s global sales operations and drive growth in EON Reality SaaS products built on its AVR Platform.

Prior to joining EON Reality, Palhetas was Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Impinj, Inc. (PI on the NASDAQ) where he built out the sales organization and grew revenue at a very predictable and accelerated pace. This lead to Impinj’s IPO in 2016 only 15 months after Palhetas joined the company.

In addition to SVP of Global Sales at Impinj, Inc., Palhetas has a wide variety of experience that covers global sales, business development, sales ops and marketing. He has held executive management positions at StorageTek (acquired by SUN Microsystems and now Oracle StorageTek, a subsidiary of Oracle Corp.), Troika Networks, Inc. (acquired by Qlogic), SUN Microsystems (now a subsidiary of Oracle), Pillar Data Systems (now part of Oracle), Nexsan Technologies (acquired by Imation Inc), and Imation Inc.

Palhetas is originally from Toronto, Canada and has an MBA from Pepperdine University.