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EON Innovation Program Summary

EON’s Innovation Program is the key to addressing the giant 3D market.


  • Capturing the huge VR AR market potential in untapped market segments


  • Entrepreneur school
  • $50,000 funding for eight startups in each hub
  • 30{0fab034ea82b07661647ea8532e9066bcdd529bddfd482414d4493f90063c904} equity in the new eon company for selected entrepreneurs
  • Full support for selected companies
    • Mentorship
    • Global sales network
    • Funding
    • Infrastructure and space
    • Development resources


  • Set up IDC hub and entrepreneur school
  • Interested students to submit NEW ideas or choose pre-existing eon business
  • concepts
  • Invite also local businesses and companies to submit their ideas
  • IDC hub shortlists the best ideas
  • IDC hub funds, supports and mentors the development of the startup including
    • the pitch and value proposition,
    • the product prototype development,
    • the sales to the first six key customers
  • By the end of the 12 months decision made on to incorporate the company and form launch it as a part of the EON global group of companies