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EON Sports – EON Innovation Success Story

Brendan Reilly approached us with a crazy idea: to develop a solution focused on training and practicing for American football. We were skeptical but Brendan was so enthusiastic and energetic and we decided to give him a chance.

We asked him to prepare a pitch on this product and find a customer willing to co-invest in the product. He went and secured the University of Kansas as his first customer. Brendan was the leading force to develop and define the product.

EON used Entrepreneur School resources to help create the finished product and then took it to market using EON’s global sales force. Today this is one of the most profitable companies in our group.

Brendan is a happy entrepreneur that owns a substantial portion of a profitable business that has a product developed with the customer in mind.

“I knew nothing about technology, nothing about Virtual Reality, and nothing about business. All I had was passion, an idea, and people willing to pay money for that idea. But no clue how to take it from idea to an operating business. This program has helped me hone and sharpen my entrepreneurial skills, and at the same time has given me a deep understanding of the technology that can make these ideas become real. Along the way I received advice and guidance along with real world training that prepared me to get EON Sports where it is today, and where we will take it in the years ahead. This is something that no MBA could have prepared me for.”
Brendan Reilly, CEO EON Sports VR

Brendan Reilly speaking at a sports conference