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EON Innovation Program’s Offering

EON Reality’s Innovation Program has a leg up on other “innovation incubators” when it comes to the Virtual and Augmented Reality marketplace. EON Reality’s industry leadership and expertise in the Virtual and Augmented Reality fields, global network for sales, marketing, development, and support, and access to EON Entrepreneur School resources gives EON Innovation Program participants all the tools they need to be successful.

Dan Lejerskar, EON Reality’s Chairman and a key mentor.


EON Reality’s fifteen plus years of Virtual and Augmented Reality expertise is at your fingertips in the EON Innovation Program. Clinics take place every week where participants are able to pick the brains of subject matter experts when making key decisions about their projects. Furthermore, the EON Innovation Program provides mentorship from key figures in the Virtual Reality space to help participants hone their ideas and product pitches.

Global Network

The EON Innovation Program has access to EON Reality’s global sales, marketing, development, and support network allowing a participant’s idea to quickly go from concept to a customer’s hands. Participants also have access to EON Reality’s world wide client base; these clients are often looking for innovative applications to power their business into the future.


EON Reality is committed to providing seed capital for up to eight startups at each of its global hubs in exchange for an ownership stake. At the end of the nine month program, a decision will be made to incorporate the company and launch it as a member of EON Reality’s global family.

Infrastructure and Space

The EON Innovation Program provides office space for program participants to call home during the twelve month process. Additionally, EON Reality’s high tech Virtual Reality showroom and lab are available for product development and product showcasing.

Development Resources

As part of the EON Entrepreneur School, the EON Innovation Program has access student development resources. An Innovation Program participant can build out their virtual or augmented reality project with a specially allocated resource pool earmarked for their use. Also, senior designers, artists, modelers, and coders are available to consult, advise, and assist with projects.