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EON Innovation Program’s Purpose?

The EON Innovation Program is a twelve month entrepreneurship program that seeks to nurture innovative Virtual and Augmented Reality ideas and bring them to market via EON Reality’s worldwide sales, marketing, development, and support network. With the 3D market expected to reach 227 billion USD in 2017, there are large and under served market segments in need of addressing and are innovative ideas from driven entrepreneurs.

Track Record of Success

The EON Innovation Program is based on the “Shakeout” methodology developed by Michael Yap, Chair of EON Reality’s International Advisory Board. Mr. Yap has been deeply involved in shaping and nurturing startup ecosystem as well as emerging technology sectors at the national level. EON Sports VR, which developed SIDEKIQ for Virtual Reality American Football training and practice, was formed following a similar process by EON Reality.

Part of the EON Entrepreneur School

The EON Innovation Program mirrors the school’s 12-month course plan. Three months are devoted to solidifying the product idea and refining the pitch; the remaining nine months are devoted to securing an initial customer, perfecting the product, and fleshing out the remaining aspects of the business.

Solves the Startup Dilemma

The EON Innovation Program short circuits the traditional start up dilemma. Not only does EON Reality provide budding Virtual and Augmented Reality innovators and entrepreneurs financial resources, infrastructure, and development resources but also a worldwide distribution network, mentorship, and access to cutting edge Virtual and Augmented Reality tools and systems.