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EON Reality Education is a non-profit focused on advancing the cause of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) education and research.


EON Reality Education will aid EON Reality in executing its Human 2.0 and Classroom 3.0 vision by identifying and proposing areas of research to elevate man and machine interaction via AR and VR.
EON Reality Education will also guide and commision research and development projects with partner institutions to better understand the cognitive benefits of AVR, enhance the AVR ecosystem through AI and other emerging technologies, and improve knowledge transfer based on continuous assessment.
These advancements will be combined with the EON Learn for Life Program to help those in less developed regions of the world better compete in the global job market.


EON Reality Education will continue to develop the VR and AR curriculum developed by EON Reality over the past five years for the VR Innovation Academy (VRIA). The non-profit will also support the growing number of global VRIAs as well as partner institutions.

Classroom 3.0: Additionally, EON Reality Education will charter new courses and pilot new educational materials that will further strengthen AVR education.

These developments, together with the KnowledgeBit Initiative, will bring AVR education to those who need it the most. With prices pegged to a nation’s ability to purchase rather than a universal price, students and trainees can have equal access to the knowledge needed to thrive in today’s economy.