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EON Reality’s Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR) Knowledge Grant offers innovative academic institutions a matching grant to deploy a turn-key VR and AR education solution and co-develop content for Educational and Smart Nation applications. This grant focuses on bringing the necessary infrastructure to Colleges and Universities so they can incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) learning modules into their classes and improve the educational experience of their students.

The AVR Knowledge Grant consists of a customizable AVR platform which creates, manages, and disseminates educational AR and VR content, a state-of-the-art AVR Lab, AVR Curriculum, AR and VR Teaching Specialists, and distribution opportunities for created content to EON Reality’s Global Educational Network.

Universities such as University of California at Irvine, Nanyang Technical University, and Stanford’s Medical School use EON Reality’s knowledge transfer technology to improve their own course offerings, perform Virtual Reality research, and to train new AR/VR developers.

The grant enables innovative Colleges and Universities to expand their capabilities and focus on teaching the knowledge needed for jobs of the future. By blending industry know-how and academic innovation, the Augmented and Virtual Reality knowledge transfer platform empowers professors to focus on higher levels of learning rather than rote memorization. The AVR platform empowers students to learn through doing by analyzing, applying, evaluating, and creating.

AVR Knowledge Grant components

  • AVR Platform Value Creation
    Manage, distribute, and control access to educational AVR content thus enables Students learn faster remember longer and decide better
  • AVR Lab
    State-of-the-Art VR Lab, Immersive displays, interactive desktop devices and mobile headsets and AVR glasses
  • Curriculum and Teachers
    AVR curriculum, AVR Teacher & AVR authoring development tools
  • Global IP Creation and Distribution
    New own IP yields sustainable revenues through royalty from new AVR Curriculum created by the Academic institution that is then distributed through EON Reality’s global educational network.

Benefits for Academic Institutions and Teachers

  • Improved student recruitment
    Help recruitment and attract students with a key differentiator mechanism of higher cognitive learning.
  • Personalized virtual distance learning and collaboration
    Improved interactive capabilities in conjunction with distance learning and collaborative learning with AVR.
  • Smart Workers for a Smart Nation
    Prepare the students for the upcoming Smart Worker environment that will become standard by the time of their graduation.
  • Local produced AVR IP curriculum
    New own IP yields sustainable revenues through royalty from new AVR Curriculum created by the Academic institution that Is then distributed Eon global educational network.

Benefits for Students

  • Learn by doing
    Address the need to Improve the customary learning methodology (Learn by doing versus learn by passive listening)
  • Learn more with less
    Take advantage of the AVR learning approach which enables Students learn faster remember longer and decide better.
  • Bridge to employment
    Bridge to employment for students by educating students to address the pressing needs of VR experts for the Market which is forecasted to grow to $150 B by 2020
  • Fast-track employable students
    Ensure students more effectively acquire the knowledge needed for future job through AVR knowledge transfer


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